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The program is subject to change. Please check updates frequently.

The conference consists of technical sessions and symposiums that cover broad scientific and technological subjects in the areas of colloids, surfaces and interfaces.

Technical Sessions

  • Surfactants and Self-Assembly
  • Foams/Bubbles/Emulsions and Microemulsions
  • Soft Matter, Active Matter and Dynamical Self-organization of Biomolecular Systems
  • Membranes and LB films
  • Colloidal Dispersion/Aggregation, Surface Forces and Rheology
  • Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials
  • Wetting and Adhesion
  • Solid Surface -Adsorption, Catalysis, Tribology and Electrochemistry
  • Biocolloids, Biomaterials, Biointerfaces and Biomimetics
  • Colloids and Energy
  • Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Science
  • Application of Colloids–Cosmetics, Detergents, Household Products, Foods and Paints

Details of Sessions


  • How Can Colloid and Interface Chemistry Contribute to Global Sustainability? –Surfactants, Water and Energy–
  • Creation and Application of Two Dimensional Atomic and Molecular Materials and Devises
  • Membranous and Membraneless Interfaces: Towards Artificial Cellular Complexity
  • Colloidal Dispersion and Aggregation in Materials for Sustainability
  • Science & Technologies for the Sustainable Space Colony Life
  • Nanopores and/or Nanowindows Associated Interface Science (Nano-IS)
  • New trends of Biological Science Research Created by Interfacial Structural Analysis – Innovation for Life Science
  • Transport Phenomena at the Bio-inspired-Nano Interface & Environment
  • Langmuir Symposium

Details of Symposiums

Session Schedule

Tentative conference schedule is as follows.
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